The year of 2020 has been difficult for numerous people from all walks of life. It has shown the worst of the world and the true tenacity of the human spirit. When the world was locking down and spiraling out of control, individuals had to step up to the task in order to ensure the safety of loved ones, neighbors, coworkers, friends, and even complete strangers. 


Whether you have been giving all year or you want to pay it forward from the generosity you have received this year, GivingTuesday is the perfect opportunity to end this strenuous year. 


GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. (givingtuesday.org). As the holiday season ramps up, gifts are not the only way to show people you care. Individuals can give their time and talents as a volunteer by creating a ripple effect of change. 


Whether it is a small act of kindness, lending a helping hand, or making a donation, change always starts with 1. GivingTuesday may only come around once a year but giving back to the community is something that can happen every single day.


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Does the end of the year have you thinking about what you would like to improve on for 2021?

Often this question is focused on self-improvement. This self-improvement journey comes in many different forms such as start a new exercise program, choosing to eat healthier, or improving your mind through reading more books. But what if we all went deeper?


What about a kinder person?

What about helping others in a time of need?

What about being the positive change in your community and those around you need?

Altruize is the accountability partner for your volunteer activities. For example, Fitbit holds you accountable for how many steps you take in your community; Altruize is your accountability partner for the goodness that you are doing in your community.

Take the first step with us. We promise you won't regret this New Year's Resolution. 

What are your self-improvement goals for 2021?

Our team at Altruize and our partners would be honored if you chose us to be a part of your goodness journey.

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Hey change-makers! How are your New Year's resolutions going?

Did you want to read more books, spend time in the gym, or eat healthier? Did you remember to include doing more for your community? Altruize can help you create and keep your community-kindness resolutions for the year of 2021.

There are no fancy gimmicks or tricks here. The first step is so easy you can do it right this second. Simply download the FREE Altruize app and set your give-back goal(s).

It really is just that simple. Altruize and our partners challenge you to join us for the Change Starts with 1 Challenge. We promise this is one goal you won't get burnt out on in the upcoming months.

With the Altruize app and the Change Starts with 1 Challenge, we can help you track your volunteer activity so you can easily see the difference you are making within your community. Oh, and did we mention you can win prizes all throughout the year simply by participating?

We know it sounds almost too good to be true, but all you have to do is download the FREE Altruize app, create an account, volunteer with a 501c3 Nonprofit, and verify your hour(s) of service. From there, one qualified, randomly-drawn individual will win a prize.

So what are you waiting for? Let's start making positive changes in the new year!

Download the FREE Altruize app here: https://www.altruize.com/

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January and the year 2021 is well underway, but how are your new year's resolutions going? Whether you wrote them down and pinned them on a vision board or manifested them in your head, the sad truth is that most people will give up on these resolutions by Valentine's Day.

According to an article written by Melissa De Witte titled “New Year’s resolutions: What to know about starting something new,” people abandon their goal when they lack motivation. 

De Witte goes on to explain the different ways individuals can accomplish their goals. However, whether the individual wants to lose weight, increase job satisfaction, or be more involved, severely depends on how much they are motivated to do so.

The fact of the matter is: resolutions are downright difficult to stick to without the proper motivation. In fact, it may take an army of individuals and supporters to help you crush your goals this year.

That's where we come in.

Altruize has partnered with numerous organizations to encourage people to join the Change Starts with 1 Challenge.

The Challenge is simple, download the FREE Altruize app, create an account, volunteer with a 501c3 nonprofit, and begin tracking and verifying your service hours.

Not only will you start to see the power of how one person’s action can start to create change in their community, but you will also be entered to win prizes throughout the new year.

The year of 2021 will be different from the previous seemingly fluke of a year that was 2020. With positive change and the realization that even one individual through one hour of service can create this change will set the precedent for the upcoming year.

Let's make 2021 the year of positive change!

Download the FREE Altruize app here and join the Change Starts with 1 Challenge today: https://www.altruize.com/

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National Volunteer week is an opportunity to recognize the impact and importance of volunteers and the power of their service. Volunteering is important year round and National Volunteer Week recognizes and thank volunteers who share their time and talents with their community.


According to pointsoflight.org, National Volunteer Week was established in 1974 and has grown exponentially every year since its inception. National Volunteer Week happens every April as a way to shed light on the people and projects that are creating positive change for those around them. This year, National Volunteer week is April 18-24.


Looking back on the previous year can be difficult for many. The year of 2020 saw numerous hardships and struggles for individuals and communities across the country. However, the year of 2020 also saw the power a person holds when it comes to helping those in need.


Whether you have been a volunteer all your life, want to get more involved, or are the recipient of help, Altruize and our partners encourage you to recognize the power of 1. Join the Change Starts with 1 Challenge to start making a difference in your community. Let’s continue to make the year of 2021 one of positive change.


Download the FREE Altruize app here: https://www.altruize.com/ 


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One of the most valuable assets to a nonprofit organization are the volunteers. Volunteers are an essential part to making sure an organization or event runs smoothly. Recruiting and then keeping a strong volunteer base is imperative to the success of the nonprofit. It is incredibly important to motivate existing volunteers within your organization. Keeping volunteers engaged and motivated will ultimately increase the value of any nonprofit over time.

One of the easiest ways to motivate existing volunteers and keep them engaged is to continually share the nonprofit’s mission and goals. Getting volunteers to recognize the amazing work being done will spark their passion to continue showing up for the cause. Volunteers will stand behind an organization they believe in.

Nonprofits who rely on volunteers are blindly led by the positives. They recognize the power of volunteers and essentially, a free way to get things done. But what is in it for the volunteers themselves?

Another way a nonprofit can motivate and engage volunteers is by showing appreciation. Nonprofits should never stop saying “thank you” or highlighting their amazing volunteers. People want reassurance that what they are doing is not going unnoticed (even if it’s going unpaid). Show your appreciation to your volunteers through your words and actions and people will want to continue to be a part of an environment that is positive.

Volunteers are essential to the success of any nonprofit. Volunteers fill numerous roles and serve their community and nonprofits in different capacities. Volunteers are the key ingredient to positive change.

According to an article written by Raj titled “8 Ways to Motivate and Engage Your Nonprofit’s Volunteers,” volunteers in the United States are 63 million strong.

“They [volunteers] hold up the foundation of civil society. No matter what kind of volunteer work they do, they are contributing in invaluable ways.” States Raj.

As a nonprofit, it is important to recognize the work being done within your organization would not be possible without volunteers. Treat them as an invaluable asset, show them appreciation, and build their passion to change the world around them. Encourage your volunteers to join the Change Starts with 1 Challenge to further expand their experience by working with nonprofits.


Article: https://donorbox.org/nonprofit-blog/motivate-and-engage-your-nonprofits-volunteers/

Citation: Raj (2019, May 24). 8 Ways to Motivate and Engage Your Nonprofit’s Volunteers. Donorbox Nonprofit Blog.

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Volunteers are one of the most valuable assets to a nonprofit organization. Volunteers provide both their skills and time to help generate positive change within the organizations they volunteer for and the community they live in. It is no secret that volunteers are key to a successful nonprofit. However, there is another key player as well: donors. But how do you turn volunteers into donors?


The most obvious answer to this question is perhaps the most overlooked. Have you simply asked your volunteers if they are in a financial situation to be a donor? Most likely if a volunteer exhibits passion through service for a nonprofit, they would be a top candidate to ask to be a donor when they are fiscally ready to do so. By asking the volunteer(s) if they wish to be a donor, make sure to cover any perks to becoming a donor as well as the best method to give. Perhaps the volunteer has never considered themselves a donor because they are not a top-tier CEO. But chances are they would be willing to donate a small amount perhaps on a monthly basis instead of a one-time large lump sum.


According to an article by Eric Burger titled “Converting Volunteers to Donors: Missed Opportunity for Most Nonprofits,” it is not uncommon for nonprofits to look at volunteers and donors differently. This mindset obviously creates an issue when seeking out new donors.


“Volunteers have been found to donate more than donors who do not volunteer” states Burger.


Clearly, this is a large missed opportunity when tapping into potential new donors. Proving once again that you should never underestimate the power of being a volunteer.


Article: https://trust.guidestar.org/converting-volunteers-to-donors-missed-opportunity-for-most-nonprofits


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Oftentimes, volunteering is a requirement set by teachers and professors during a student’s academic career. Numerous teachers and school guidance counselors emphasize the importance of volunteering when applying to colleges and jobs. University applications typically want a well-rounded individual reflected through their community service work.


According to an article by the College Raptor Staff titled “Boost Your Chances of Winning a Scholarship by Volunteering,” volunteering is a common criterion found on scholarship forms.


“Well-rounded students who think beyond themselves and care about others and their surroundings are a bigger asset to society and thus worthy of sponsoring,” states the article. 


Although academic excellence in the classroom and standardized test scores are important when applying for scholarships, volunteering shows the type of person the student applying truly is. Scholarship committee members like to see the potential student they are sponsoring as a kind and giving person.


Grades and test scores will fade as a student goes through their academic career and eventually graduate. But the hours they give back to their community through volunteering will stick with them for life.


It’s never too late or too early to begin giving back to one’s community. Join the Change Starts with 1 Challenge today and begin making a difference in your community. Who knows, you may get some scholarship money out of it!


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“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.” –Gabrielle Bernstein


Volunteering is an easy way to recognize one’s skills and passions. Not only does volunteering help your community, but it can also kickstart a career for a successful future.  


There are obvious ways volunteering can lead to a successful career. First and foremost, volunteering looks great on resumes for future employers or college applications. Colleges and employers like to see a well-rounded individual that would be an asset to their team or university.


According to an article titled “11 Ways Volunteering Can Help You Find a Job,” volunteering gives you experience. Employers will see how an individual can manage time, tasks, and how the person exists out of the office and work environment.


“Volunteer experience shows that you can get along with others, make a commitment and that you have the attitudes and skills employers want in a potential employee.”


Not only does volunteering broaden and shape an individual’s skill set, but it also creates connections within organizations that may lead to a paying career in the future. Through volunteering, an individual has the unique opportunity of expanding their network.


Nonprofits are made up of extremely powerful individuals, both in the organization itself and out in the community. For example, a nonprofit may have prominent community figures sit on their board. These board members often hold esteemed positions within the community and support the nonprofit with sincerity and commitment.


Lastly, volunteering allows an individual to get to know what they want out of a future career. Volunteers experience firsthand the trials and triumphs within a nonprofit. The nonprofit sect also sits in a special situation as they typically work with numerous organizations and partners. Volunteers will get to know the people and perspectives of organizations in a very raw way.


Overall, knowing your skills, accomplishments, interests, and values is the foundation of career success and volunteering is a great way to forge a successful future career whether it is in the nonprofit world or an outside organization.


Article: https://alis.alberta.ca/look-for-work/work-options/11-ways-volunteering-can-help-you-find-a-job/#:~:text=Volunteering%20helps%20you%20get%20to,view%20you%20and%20your%20strengths


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Volunteers act as an indirect public relations team for a nonprofit. They are the community representations within an organization which means they hold a lot of power. The support of a community is the very foundation of a nonprofit, so volunteers act as a bridge between the two.


One way nonprofits measure their success is by the monetary donations their donors bring in. Volunteers are extremely important when securing funds for a nonprofit. For example, volunteers can share personal experiences and anecdotes with donors. Individuals are more likely to resonate with a personal story from a volunteer rather than a propagated PR stunt.


Volunteers often hold more power than they think and can be utilized in a number of ways. Not only can they potentially bring in and keep donors, but they can also ensure that an organization’s mission adapts to the community's needs. Volunteers are the eyes and ears of a nonprofit in the community and help to keep the nonprofit they are working for in the conversation.


Another example of why volunteers are important in raising funds is by becoming a donor themselves. Donors can easily become volunteers and volunteers can easily become donors. It’s simply a matter of taking the appropriate steps to cross one over to the other.  


Whether you are a donor, volunteer, board member, or community member the importance of positive change in a community is in the hands of all.


Article: https://www.goettler.com/resources/the-goettler-series/volume-10-volunteers/#:~:text=Wise%20volunteers%20help%20to%20ensure,conducive%20to%20effective%20fund%20raising


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